Marsala Vecchio Samperi

Marsala Vecchio Samperi
De Bartoli

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Grape: Grillo 100% Alcohol (% ABV): 17.5 Territory: Western Sicily, Samperi district, Marsala - Italy Vineyard surface (ha): 12 (about 29 ac) Age of vines: between 19 and 41 years Training: alberello and cordon spur Guyot; 3,500 plants per hectare Soil: sandy loam, level land Bound SO2: < 25 mg/l Harvest: manual, clusters put in small cases, starting the last week of September Yield per hectare (hl): 20 Winemaking: manual selection of the grapes, soft pressing, natural decantation, traditional fermentation in oak and chestnut vats at room temperature Aging: in oak and chestnut vats for a medium of 20 years, using the perpetual method, similar to Soleras Bottles produced : 6,000 First vintage: 1980 Pairings: Don’t wait till the end of the meal to serve Vecchio Samperi, but drink it with aged cheeses, braised meats, oven-baked turbot. At room temperature or slightly chilled, interesting and amazing as an aperitif They say about us (awards & reviews): Slow Wine 2015: Vino Slow award I Vini d’Italia de L’Espresso 2015: 19/20 pts