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De Bartoli, Riserva 1987 Marsala Superiore 19%

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Marco De Bartoli er om noget vinhuset der er ved at genskabe den stolte tradition for kvalitets-Marsala, vintypen der blev kendt og elsket af briterne i 1800-tallet. Marsala: respect for a ‘natural’ tradition Following the evolutionary logic of his area’s wine history, Marco began making his “own” Marsala Superiore. This wine, with its memorable bouquet of perfumes and aromas, was conceived and produced to respect its “natural” tradition: it is fortified with a “mistella” produced from fresh grape must and brandy obtained from the same grapes of the base wine. Marsala Superiore Riserva 1987: How and When. This sweet, pleasant wine goes brilliantly at the end of the meal with biscuits. It is also great with blue cheeses served with spicy mustard or jam. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled (14-16 °C) The ancient roots of Marsala: Riserva 1987 These classic versions of Marsala Superiore Riserva differ in the way they’re aged and because of the addition of the “mistella”, unlike Vecchio Samperi Ventennale. Both the younger 10 years aged wine and the more austere and older 1987 – which reminds us of the year it has been fortified – with their character take us back to sensations and emotions of older times. Grillo | Medium-Full Bodied, Sweet | 19.0 % alcohol Marco De Bartoli has revived the quality of Marsala that harks back to the 18th century, to when the British made it famous (and were prepared to fight for it!) The vintage on Marsala refers to the year in which the (Grillo) wine was fortified, not vinified. This is benchmark plus Marsala, notably different from the generic Marsala on the market on account of it coming from De Bartoli estate-only fruit, hand-harvested on their Samperio property and vinified in large oak and chestnut barrels. Part of the grape must being fortified with acquavite, leaving it naturally sweet (50 grams residual sugar), which is then added back into the wine. Focused and rich with walnut, leather, orange skin and even with notes of anchovies 'sotto olio'; very elegant, clipped and dapper - perfect with dolci or elaborate cheese and nut dishes.
Flaskestørrelse750 ml.